The Podcast in which Jaala and Amy are aimless, but cheerful! 

Topics of note:

Pattern: Ramble, Andrea Mowry

Knitting book: Japanese Stitches Unraveled

Novels: PC Peter Grant, by Ben Aaronovitch

TV Show starring Michael Imperioli: Alex, Inc

Upcoming Yarn Club: Knitcircus Wrap it Up Club

Knitting Pattern: Chromatic Cowl (Brioche), by Amy Detjen

Knitcircus Colorway: Secret Garden

There were probably other topics too, but we weren't taking good notes. Drop  line if you need clarity on anything we discussed!

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The Podcast in which Jaala does even more to reveal her nerdy side, and Amy wants more scones. 

Topics of note:

Pattern: Ramble, Andrea Mowry

British TV Show: Agatha Raisin

American TV Show: Chefs Table

Another American TV Show: Rise

Fun Film: Dudes and Dragons

Knitcircus Yarn Club: All Wrapped Up (coming soon)

Knitcircus Colorway: Sweet Dreams

Book: The Hidden Life of Trees


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The Podcast in which Amy and Jaala just visit.

Topics of note:


Event: Vogue Knitting Boot Camp

Famous Knitter: Patty Lyons

Cool Tool: Ikea trestle table, idea by Judith Somersett's Husband - see below

Event: YarnCon in Chicago

Knitting-Related Jewelry: Molojos, by Natalia Uribe Wilson

Books: Kate Shackleton Mysteries, by Frances Brody

Books: Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy

Direct download: Podcast_126-done.mp3
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The Podcast in which Amy steers the conversation to topics that are easy to link in the show notes and Jaala doesn't seem to notice.

Topics of note:

Pattern: Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang, by Susan Ashcroft

Pattern: Find Your Fade, by Andrea Mowry

Super Fun: Knitcircus Speckle Yarn Club

Knitcircus Colorway: Come to the Cabaret Gradient

Non-Knitting: Purple Shampoo


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The Podcast in which Amy and Jaala visit with a microphone turned on.

Topics of note:

Celebrities: Lindsey Vonn

Events: 2018 Winter Olympics

Patterns: Rainbow Trail Sweater, by Cristina Ghirlanda

Events: Madison Knitters Guild Knit-In

Dyers: SpaceCadet Yarns and Fibers

Dyers: Savvy Skeins

Events: Vogue Knitting - Chicago

Events: Vogue Knitting Live Destination - Knitting Bootcamp in PA

Knitcircus Colorway: Eureka Impressionist

Knitcircus Colorway: Shades of Gray Semi-Solid

TV Show: Project Runway All Stars

TV Show: Top Chef

Craft Book: Loome Party


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The Podcast in which Amy and Jaala do their thing.

Topics of note:

Foods: Nutter Butter Cookies

Patterns: Rainbow Trail Sweater, by Cristina Ghirlanda

Odd Accessories: Sally Hanson Nail Stickers

TV Show: This Is Us

Events: Ravellenics Team Sasquatch

Events: Knitcircus Kindness KAL

TV Show: Big Bang Theory

TV Show: Broadchurch

TV Show: Orphan Black

Events: Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp

Events: Vogue Knitting - Chicago


Direct download: Podcast_122-done.mp3
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The Podcast in which Amy and Jaala discuss about 300 topics in 26 minutes. Buckle up, butttercup.

Note: First upload wasn't complete, it's now repaired!

Topics of note:

Events: Vogue Knitting Live, NYC

Famous Knitters: Alice Starmore and Jade Starmore

Books: Glamourie, by Alice and Jade Starmore

Famous Knitters: Lucy Neatby

Patterns: Snowfire blanket, by Lucy Neatby

     (kit for Snowfire available here)

Famous Knitters: Stephen West

Famous Knitters: Patty Lyons

Events: Vogue Knitting Boot Camp Retreat

Events: Ravellenics

Events: Knitcircus Kindness KAL

Events: Bingo KAL

Pattern: Apple Pie hat, by Tin Can Knits

Famous Knitters: Tin Can Knits

Apps: Next Door

Famous Knitters: Nancy Merchant

Totally Mag Knitting Tools: Katrinkles

Events: Vogue knitting Live Chicago

Famous Knitters: Janine Bajus

Events: Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp

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In which Amy and Jaala race from pillar to post, looking for a quitet place to record a podcast.

Topics in this episode...

TV Show: The Flash

Silly Shopping Reference: Ikea

Event: Knitcircus Holiday Kickoff Party

TV Show: The Great British Bake-Off

Cook Books: Tassa Jara Recipes

Kitchen Appliance: Instant Pot

Cooking Site: This Old Gal

Pattern: Rye Socks, by Tin Can Knits

Amazing Resources: Minnesota Textile Center

Event: Small Business Saturday

Event: Ravellenics


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In which Amy and Jaala speak excitedly about almost nothing.

Topics in this episode...

Knitting Book: This Thing of Paper, pattern Rubrication

TV Stuff:

Event: Knitcircus Holiday Kick-off Party

Pattern: Rye Socks, by Tin Can Knits

Pattern: Kalari Shawl, by Ambah O'Brian

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In which Jaala and Amy knit while they record their chatter (again).

Topics of note:

Events: Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp

Literature: Houseboat Girl, by Lois Lenski

Literature: Strawberry Girl, by Lois Lenski

Literature: Goops and How to Be Them, by Gelett Burgess

Exotic Locale: Amsterdam

Pattern: Rattan Shawl, by Libby Jonson

Pattern: In Threes Sweater, by Kelly Herdrich

Pattern: Needle in a Haystack, by Jaala Spiro

Event: Tour de Fleece

Direct download: Podcast_108_done.mp3
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